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Wound Care

Our Doctors are experts in the management of complicated non healing wounds. They both are fully trained in wound management and employ a full range of treatment options for complex wounds. The patient and their wound are completely evaluated to determine why they are not healing. This includes evaluation of circulation, sensation, infection, edema (swelling), nutrition, medical problems, foot / ankle/ leg deformities that are causing delayed healing of the wound. The doctors employ the most advanced wound care products to heal your wound, including proper antibiotic management and off loading of the wound with casts, orthotics, bracing, shoes, pads, etc). If wounds are not healing despite non operative treatments, then surgical treatments may be recommended. Both physicians perform a wide variety of limb salvage procedures ranging from simple skin grafting procedures and local tissue flap repairs to advanced limb salvage techniques such as: Charcot foot/ ankle reconstruction and complex foot amputations. We use the most advanced would healing graft products on the market today. These are manufactured graft products that are applied to the wound without the need to harvest skin from the patient. These products have a remarkable ability to aid in the healing of a stubborn wound.

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